Team Lead

Yogesh Yadav

Tech Enthusiast | Flight Simulationist | Verified Youtuber

Core Team

Dev Aryan Shrivastava

Tech Lead

Tech Enthusiast | Developer | Innovative Thinker | Collaborative

Yash S Narang

Tech Lead
Docker build Yash Narang:full-stack

Lavisha Gera

PR Lead

Lavisha is a tech enthusiast who loves to cook, what she loves more than cooking is gorging on food. Lavisha also likes to talk about herself in third person 💁‍♀️

Sairanjan Dasgupta

PR Lead
Veni Vidi Vici

Aniket Sinha

Creatives And Photography Lead

Your lens with benefits

Satyam Goyal

Creatives And Photography Lead

Tired of compiling my Life. It's easier to code.

Rishabh Madani

Corporate Lead

Tech Enthusiast | Bibliophile | Gastronomic


Corporate Lead

Pratiksha Ghosh

PR Associate Lead
Be a real charismatic lifehack

Manan Verma

PR Associate Lead
I am Beyoncé, always.

Somya Sarathi Samal

Creatives Associate Lead
Immaculacy - my partner in crime

Easha Nair

Creatives Associate Lead
Je suis comme je suis

Abhyuday Mishra

Tech Associate Lead
It iz what it iz

Anusri Patti

Tech Associate Lead
dead inside

Akash Ramjyothi

Tech Associate Lead
One shot one Kill, no luck all Skill

Shashwat Mishra

Tech Associate Lead
There is no Ctrl-Z in life.

Shreyansh Jha

Corporate Associate
Making PJs look hot since 2000


Senior Tech Members

Ayush Kharkia

Destiny is Mine.

Sachit Misra

Schrödinger's being

Aaishika S Bhattacharya

Swipe Right to know more

Pavitra Golchha

Keep calm and hack life :)

Varun Goel

Work Hard, win DSC kahoots!

Junior Tech Members

Aayushi Goenka

Declare variables not war

Mihir Gupta

That's what she said

Ankit Hans

That's what she said

Vashist Agarwalla

Your friendly neighborhood techy 🙃

Sidarth Jaitly

Heavy driver when it comes to code

Pranav Prakash Menon

That's what she said

Gautam J

Vim is better than emacs

Akshad Kolhatkar

"I don't play the odds, I play the Tech"


“There’s no such thing as an appropriate joke. That’s why it’s called a joke.”

Vashishtha Siyaram

90% of coding is debugging, 10% is writing the bugs

Amish Dutta

Flutter Developer. Startup Enthusiast. Futureprenur.

Ishita Sharma

Scripting my life through JavaScript

Naman Jain

My code never has bugs, it just develops random unexpected features!

chakravarthi viswanath

That's what she said

Junior Corporate Members

Pranjal Nagar

That's what she said

Advikaa Ramesh

A bibliophile with an unhealthy obsession with the Universe... and Star Trek


Ali Shahwar Kichloo

Learner | Podcaster

Praharsh Trehan

That's what she said

Aksh Dharmesh Kalyani

That's what she said

Kriti Kakkar

A typical next-door nerd who loves to read and make impulsive decisions. :)

Aryan Jalla

That's what she said


That's what she said

Junior PR Members

Vanshika Agarwal

PR Senior Member
I’m a cute huge yacht

Aritra Dutta

If you are not bringing coffee along with you, you aren't a true developer

Angad Singh Malhan

It’s all just an illusion anyway🙂

Priyanka R

PR team member

Bhargavi Nemade

Embracing wabi sabi with an eye for detail

Junior Creatives Members

Aditya Pathak

Funny and creative for all

Utsav Doshi

Explore. Create. Inspire.

Shubham Kar

That's what she said

Tanisha Kapoor

"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do." -Michael Scott

Tanmay Chakrabarty

im too dumb for a tagline, PR pls suggest some.


Enjoy the moment through my viewfinder

Ananya Mishra

Enjoying the ride while creativity is in the driver's seat.

Arun Jangra

The Technical Robot 🤖

Kishor M R

They say good things come to those who wait so i'mma be at least about an hour late.